Talented experienced staff

    Your website . . . is you. How well are you presenting yourself?

    Our talented website designers and website development team stands ready to assist with:

    • Affordable web design and website development,
    • Custom website design and development solutions,
    • Creative graphics,
    • eCommerce capability (your own 'shopping cart', either custom-built or within a CMS-based system).

    Quality at Competititve prices

    One of the trends with a bright future is mobile development. With all our expertise, we can create great applications for the mobile use.

    Our highly trained and experienced mobile development teams include the following platforms:

    • Google Android
    • Xamarin.NET (iOS/Android/WinPhone)
    • Ionic

    Quality at Competititve prices

    We helps some of the world's most important cloud and SaaS software vendors with innovative software development services.

    Our talented development team stands ready to assist with:

    • Enterprise cloud software development.
    • Cloud-based innovation.
    • Product development in the Cloud/SaaS space

    Advanced expertise of development and deployment of software applications on major cloud platforms:

    • Windows Azure

    Quality at Competititve prices

    Here’s what we do for you

    • Provide you with qualified developers and/or testers.
    • Setup software development processes according to your requirements.
    • Ensure constant improvement of the developers' work quality.

    Here’s what you get

    • Complete control: each team member or developer reports to you directly.
    • Hiring transparency: every team member or developer is hand-picked by you.

    Quality at Competititve prices

    Functional Testing:

    HTest the core features of your new or existing web application across virtually any set of test criteria.

    Performance Testing

    Is your web app optimized for peak performance? Find out with our unique load testing solutions.

    Usability Testing

    Test the usability of your web application with the help of our dedicated UX experts and software-savvy professionals.


    Quality at Competititve prices

    Functional Testing:

    Have our community test the installation, login, search and other common features as part of our functional testing services.

    Performance Testing

    Ensure that your mobile application is prepared for peak usage periods with our performance services.

    Usability Testing

    Test the usability of your mobile application with the help of our dedicated UX experts and software-savvy professionals.

Staff Augmentation

Our nearshore staff augmentation services include both nearshore software development and nearshore software testing.

Global Insight Software’s staff augmentation IT outsourcing services are most suited for companies that staff internal technology teams and that want to augment their IT bandwidth with services of a high quality and a low relative cost. They are also very useful for companies that experience peaks in their software development requirements that exceed their average capacity and require to outsource those services.

For the duration of the peaks, Global Insight Software deploys dedicated nearshore/offshore software development (Java/.NET/Xamarin/iOS/Android) and testing teams (traditional testing/test driven development/ continous integration/ Automation) that can handle the additional work.

Every nearshore staff augmentation project is different. The degree of autonomy of the nearshore team, for example, varies.

Sometimes teams under an outsourcing model are self-managed, other times they are managed directly by the client’s PM; sometimes nearshored teams incorporate sophisticated software architecture skills, other times they are given the designs by the client and dedicate themselves exclusively to coding. The seniority and degree of involvement of each nearshore staff augmentation team is tailored for each individual client, on a case by case basis.

Whatever the extent of the service, clients benefit from our nearshore location in Latin America, which shares an almost complete day overlap with a small two to three hour difference (depending on the time of the year) with Global Insight Software time. Nearshore proximity allows the client’s staff to truly interact in real time with Global Insight Software’s staff, incorporating the nearshore team as part of its own under an IT outsourcing model.