• Full Comunication

    Talented experienced staff

    We use video conference with our clients.

    Sometimes you need to meet face-to-face with your team,but due to time and budget constraints, an on-site visit isn’t possible.

    Our team always has a meeting using Videoconference, which makes it easy the communication with our customers.

  • Visit Our City

    Quality at Competititve prices

    Visit our city.

    We invite all of our clients, customers, and partners to visit us in Bolivia and see our beautiful state-of-the art facilities.

    The Benefits of Bolivia

    • Favorable time zone: Our engineers conveniently work on your schedule.
    • Shared culture: Fewer barriers means better connection and communication with your team.
    • Close proximity: We’re closer than most offshore solutions, so visiting us is easy.
    • Smart, dedicated engineers
  • Scrum and Quality Assurance

    Convenient nearshore model

    We use Agile methodology

    At Global Insight Software, quality is much more than quickly putting an application together and testing it before delivery.

    We integrate QA work into each sprint. Instead of relying on the flawed practice of running many testing and bug-fixing cycles on software that has already been implemented, we strive to design and build systems with fewer bugs right from the start.

Who we are

Founded in 2012, Global Insight Software is a software development company that helps to build advanced solutions for companies in different industries from marketing, financial services to network management, enterprise technology providers and other sectors, all over the globe.

Our company provides nearshore services for business and software development companies that want to maintain their competitive edge and reduce their costs without risking to downlevel the quality of their products.

We deliver technology solutions that help customers implement their ideas effectively and increase their return on investment. We have gained experience in various fields and technologies, which allow us to offer our customers multiple options, as well as help them to select the best alternative for their business.

Our mission is to develop software solutions that will meet other software development companies and commercial companies needs and requirements.

Satisfying our customers demand with quality and efficiency by implementing agile software development workflows. Exploiting our experiencie and know-how with competitive prices for a global market but mainly to companies in the United States and Europe.

Our company culture that allow us to have the best professionales and good developers working with us and our good development process as well is giving us enough disponibility of good engineers for our customers stopping personal rotation. This is a key for always giving to our customers the best solutions.

We have the insight that our company will be able to satisfy all our current customers and all new ones positioning fastly between the better companies of nearshore in south and central americas.