• Full Comunication

    Talented experienced staff

    We use video conference with our clients.

    Sometimes you need to meet face-to-face with your team,but due to time and budget constraints, an on-site visit isn’t possible.

    Our team always has a meeting using Videoconference, which makes it easy the communication with our customers.

  • Visit Our City

    Quality at Competititve prices

    Visit our city.

    We invite all of our clients, customers, and partners to visit us in Bolivia and see our beautiful state-of-the art facilities.

    The Benefits of Bolivia

    • Favorable time zone: Our engineers conveniently work on your schedule.
    • Shared culture: Fewer barriers means better connection and communication with your team.
    • Close proximity: We’re closer than most offshore solutions, so visiting us is easy.
    • Smart, dedicated engineers
  • Scrum and Quality Assurance

    Convenient nearshore model

    We use Agile methodology

    At Global Insight Software, quality is much more than quickly putting an application together and testing it before delivery.

    We integrate QA work into each sprint. Instead of relying on the flawed practice of running many testing and bug-fixing cycles on software that has already been implemented, we strive to design and build systems with fewer bugs right from the start.


The Global Insight leaders have the mission to assist their customers reach for the stars! Rory believe that a software development company should help solve everyday problems with creative technological solutions. Fueled with the right ingredients: experience and passion for their work, both leaders think of the best solutions for their clients. They are backed by a solid team of savvy developers and committed managers.

Rory Vidal, Owner

Rory was born in La Paz, Bolivia. Since a young age he was instilled to pursue excellence in his work and have a social mission. After finishing school, he was awarded the prestigious “Simón I. Patiño Scholarship" by which he could study at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Scholarship holders receive mentorship and also make a commitment to employ the skills that they have acquired to the development of their country. Rory completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science at the University of Geneva with high marks. During his stay, he also contributed to several research projects. Upon returning to Bolivia, Rory held various key positions. First he worked for the Bolivian National Tax Services helping to build their IT infrastructure and adding value to their technological processes. Then in a team with a local company and Microsoft Bolivia, he helped to design and develop internet banking for the local branch of the Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP), one of the largest banks in Peru. He also collaborated in the implementation of the intranet service of ENTEL, one of the largest telecommunications company in Bolivia. After working in local projects, he embarked in outsourcing ones. Rory worked with excellence, architect the best IT solutions and learned the ins & outs of working with virtual teams. In the aim of creating better ways to do what he loves to do: creating software that customers will enjoy using and which will increase their productivity, he co-created Global Insight Software. A sportsman at heart- Rory practices racquetball and volleyball frequently as well as extreme sports such as paragliding.